About Our Site

As a supplier your wish is to be found online easily. This is the only way customers will know about your products and services. And as a customer you desire to spend minimal time and also effort searching for products and services online. And this is why you require the best Online Business Directory. Welcome to our online directory. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading service providers in the region. Our directory enables you find what you are looking for easily and in the most convenient manner. This saves you from doing the hard work as we have already done it for you.


What You Will Find In Our Business Directory

Our business directory is easily accessible online day or night and from anywhere. Unlike the usual online directories you as used to, ours give more than just the business or supplier’s name and address. We have gone further to provide you with more information that will make your search and life much easier. You will find that we have listed additional details such as opening times, Google Map thumbnail, facilities, closing times, payment methods, website links, maps, directions, photos, special offers, videos, social media links, and much more. Besides offering you invaluable information our Online Business Directory also makes it easy for you to make a quick and well informed decision.


A Brief of What Our Directory Offers You:

-A thumbnail from Google map

-An image of your shop window and thumbnail

-An effective display for all your services and products

-A back-link to your business website that can be quite effective in improving page ranking

-A featured listing showcasing the homepage

-A HTML description that advertises the products and services you offer

-A listing accenting your trade in the searches

-A facility for uploading images

-A listing featuring a free reciprocal link

-A paid for listing that can help you post articles and blogs related to your business

The above features make your business easily noticeable thereby increasing the chances of attracting visitors.

Advantages of Listing Your Business Online 

Listing your business online comes with many benefits. For starters you expose your business to the public. Secondly, you can be located by search engines such as Google or Yahoo. This helps you penetrate the market further. Thirdly, back linking and posting articles also makes your business an authority. Fourthly, it is a cheaper and more convenient way of promoting and advertising your products and services. For more information on our Online Business Directory and the prices, kindly visit our website and look at the service page.