On-site Shredding- what it can do for your business

In recent times, it appears that onsite-shredding is becoming a preferred choice by many businesses. This exercise forms part of document destruction with the aim being to fully destroy any record or document. Unlike in-house shredding, this type of shredding is offered by a third party. The company comes to the client’s premises and performs the activity at the site. This is done using a heavy-duty shredder which is attached to a truck. The machine can shred thousands of documents in minutes. The following are reasons that are making shredding onsite popular:


Fast and Convenient

One of the main advantages of shredding onsite is speed. A client who needs the service prepares the documents to be destroyed and calls a shredding company. The service provider comes with a truck that has the shredder attached to it. The big and powerful shredder can shred many documents in a matter of minutes. Besides the speedy delivery the customer is not involved in any way other than just confirming the documents are being shredded.


Time Efficient

Onsite-shredding is preferred over in-house or offsite shredding because of its time efficiency. In in-house shredding, a staff member has to sit next to a shredder and destroy the document one by one. This can be a lengthy, tasking, and time-consuming exercise if there are many documents that need to be destroyed. In offsite shredding the documents have to be taken to a site which may be located some miles away. Going to the site and back consumes considerable amount of time.


Safe and Secure

According to the law, every business owes duty to the client or customer in regard to safety of personal information. It is upon the business to ensure the documents are destroyed in a safe manner. In onsite-shredding the client is there when the whole activity is taking place. This is in contrast to offsite or in-house shredding where the manager or business owner has to rely on trust. The end product is normally mixed with that from other firms making it hard to reconstruct the documents.


Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness is also another reason that makes onsite-shredding popular. In-house shredding requires the firm to invest in a number of shredders. Furthermore, several employees will be shredding documents occasionally instead of performing their core duties. Offsite shredding requires the records manager or custodian to go to take the documents to the designated location. The individual has to wait until the exercise is complete and go back to his work location. This process takes more time and incurs higher cost compared to shredding onsite.


The above reasons indicate why shredding onsite is preferred over in-house shredding or offsite shredding. It is very fast and lots of documents can be shredded in minutes, a client is assured of security since he witnesses the activity, and also the documents can’t be recovered. Nonetheless, to be guaranteed of the best service a prospective client needs to talk to a reliable company. The service provider will be experienced, reliable, and trustworthy and professional. Besides the quick service and security, onsite-shredding has minimal stress or inconvenience.